We have a new name!

For the past several years, I've been working on developing a new, exciting approach to music based on all the influences I've been exposed to in my life, but grounded in the music of my childhood and my southern ancestry. I certainly haven't been working in a vacuum, and I thought it was high time that the name of this project reflected that. "Blood will tell" is an old hillbilly saying meaning that family traits (often bad) are inescapable, and will return generation after generation. I prefer to see it through the lens of genetic memory: all the things we are, good and bad, are influenced by the actions of those that came before, and will influence those that come after, on a blood-deep level. There are infinite stories within us. Our blood will tell those stories, given the time and the silence. In any case, I think it rolls off the tongue. Big thanks to my two main bandmates, Briana Lobbett and Pearl Rhein, as well as Ryan Hyland and Rob Nelson who played on my last album, and all my friends and family who bring their energy and inspiration to this work. You are all The Blood Will Tell.