Thanks for stopping by. My name's John.

I was born in south-east Michigan, and spent a good part of my childhood singing and listening to country and bluegrass. As a teenager, I played in punk-tinged rock bands while studying musical theatre and teaching myself to play passable guitar. I worked as an actor for a few years, and moved to New York City when I was 25, eventually settling in Brooklyn, where I fell in with a theatre company I would work with for over a decade, Theatre Group Dzieci, eventually serving as the group's Music Director. In Dzieci (pronounced "JEH-chee", the Polish word for "children") I performed in the US and Europe, creating original work for public performance while performing works of service in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and other under-served populations. During that time, I released my first two solo efforts, Ten Foot Witchdoctor in 2002 and Radio Picnic in 2003. I took a leave of absence from Dzieci in 2012 to focus on writing and performing solo, simplifying my approach to songwriting by returning to the traditional American forms I grew up with, primarily traditional country and folk. In 2013, I launched a successful crowd-funding campaign to create a new EP of original music, The Difference, which was released in June 2014 on my own label.