The Difference EP

The Difference EP


Recorded Spring 2014. Limited edition download for Kickstarter backers.

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John Norman - The Difference


1. Twenty Stories

2. Last Stop for Change

3. Last Casualty

4. So Lonesome…

5. Sonny Boy


John Norman - Vocals, Guitar

Rob Nelson - Guitar, Organ, Mandolin, Banjo

Ryan Hyland - Bass, Guitar, Percussion


All songs by John Norman, except So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams.

Produced by Ryan Hyland

Recorded at The Church in Plymouth, Michigan, January-February 2014.


Thanks: This project was crowd-funded through the support of many individuals. Special thanks to Radha Patel, Adam Barnowski, Julie and Mark Sokoll, David Havasi, Matt Mitler, Bethanie St. Louis, Jennifer Giroux, Nancy Campbell, Patricia Ripley and Butch Grier, Amy Schade, Dana Sokoll, Krystal Kennel, Jean Karr, Mechelle Zarou, Jason Miller, Stephen Emsley, Katie Mahannah, and everyone who pledged to the project.


Very Special Thanks to Ryan and Rob for being the musicians and friends I trusted to bring this thing to life, and who came through in every way possible; to Chris, Doug, and everyone at Plymouth Rock Productions for creating an inspiring space to work in; to all the re-posters, word-spreaders, and cheerleaders who helped this whole thing to succeed, to Jack and Isaac for being the best kids a dad could wish for, and to Kerrie Hillman for too many things to list here.


This music is dedicated to

Jack and Isaac

who Know

And to Kerrie

who Saw